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WOODSTOCK, ONT. -- APRIL 25, 2012 -- Maegan Spina holds 3 days old miniature pig born at Woodstock farm. Sarah Canfield (19) and Maegan Spina (23) introduced new litter of miniature pigs only 3 days old, born on their farm near Woodstock. This is a second litter born on the farm since Sarah and Maegan opened The Little Pig Farms after investing $20,000 of their own savings. The two sisters-in-law both love animals and decided to turn their love into a business. Micro pigs can be shy, but they are clever, fun pets that are easy to train. They are very clean, independent. Full-grown they reach 30 to 40 cm and weigh between 11 and 27 kilos. Sarah and Maegan are hoping to capitalize on this latest pet craze. The tiny pigs do come at a price: $1,500-2,500 Canadian. (Alex Urosevic/